R & D

Our R&D Department

Artek research and development continuous provides product innovation and technology development for customer satisfaction considering the safety and eco friendly environment.

Artek consider R& D as a key part of its activities of business through development of next generation of technology and more environmental friendly product with cost effective manner. A 8000 sq ft. of prime floor space has been dedicated exclusively for Research, and in-house innovations have been rolling out.

Artek R&D center equate with modern and advanced testing equipments facility such as lON CHROMATOGHRAPH, MICRO HARDNESS TESTER, X-RAY FLUROSENCE, UV VISIBLESPECTROMETER, HIGH PERFOMANCE LIQUID CHROMATO GHRAPH, STEP TESTER, AAS, GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY AND MODIFYED MICROSOPE, ETC. with the group of experienced and qualified research scientist and with their constant effort to satisfy customer requirement in all possible.

Artek have closely associated with customers, institute and other companies to strengthen R&D activity and development of new generation product as well as upcoming technology.

Our R&D team not only developed new product and process but also a closed loop with our technical staff and customer to established new product and process.